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by March 10, 2021 History

World’s Best 10k is 10 kilometer road race in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is certified by (AIMS) & (IAAF)

The first race over the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge was held on February 23, 1998 to mark its fourth anniversary. From its inception, the race over the bridge was planned as a special event, not a simple race. Cooperation between the private sector, government, community, media and the world of sport that took place during the first year and has been maintained, has led to the race to be one of the most important sporting events on the island.

Seeing it from today, the first race over the bridge was a modest event. It still attracted 1,215 participants and a large number of enthusiasts cheered for winners Jacinto Rodríguez and Sandra Arroyo – and for all the runners who finished the event. About a thousand runners and their friends and family enjoyed a healthy Sunday walking and running over The San Jose Lagoon, on the spectacular new bridge. It was a beautiful start to what would become known as the World’s Best 10K.

The event evolved from local to international which brought the participation of runners from all over the world, both professional and amateur. Among these professional runners was Paula Radcliffe who in 2003 established the still-current 10-kilometer world record, crossing the finish line with a time of 30:21. The World’s Best 10K, although a young career, has already made its mark in the world by being recognized as the best 10-kilometre race by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) when it received the IAAF Gold Label in 2008, 2009 and 2010. The IAAF Gold Label seeks to highlight those races that meet the highest standards of organization, competitiveness and international exposure.

The World’s Best 10K has grown in such a way that it has gone from being an event of an entire weekend of varied activities for the enjoyment of participants and their families. These activities include the Fitness Festival, San Juan Sports Festival, Dúalo, Mini Race, among others.


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