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General Information About 10K

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by February 20, 2021 General

Place and time of departure:

Departure: Teodoro Moscoso Bridge

Time: 5:25 PM

Age categories

Participants (female and male) can compete in the following age categories: 12-13, 14-15, 16-17, 18–22, 23-28, 29-34, 35-40, 41-46, 47-52, 53-58, 59-64, 65-70, 71-76, 77-82, 83-88, 89 & over.


All participants crossing the finish line receive a commemorative medal.


Gather your group and participate in world’s Best 10K team categories. Teams in the women’s category must have a minimum of 5 women and in the men’s category there must be a minimum of 10 men. The categories for teams are:
1. With your school pa’La Carrera
2. Universities
3. Municipalities
4. Government agencies (federal or state)
5. Athletic clubs
6. Industrial and professional companies
7. International
8. Cut it or Take it with Nestlé
9. Gym Challenge
10. Others

A special prize is awarded for the largest team.


Pacers are professional runners trained to maintain a steady pace in the race. Each group of pacers is identified with a time. If you stay in the race at the pace of any of the pacers you will be able to complete the journey in the approximate time indicated on the posters they hold.


There will be five oasis along the route where water is offered to all participants. Be sure to stay hydrated during the race and always throw the glass in the zafacon.

Medical Assistance:

For your health care, we have a specialized area with medical emergency personnel, ambulances, direct access to the Medical Center emergency room and 200 medical cadets from the PR Adventist Church.


World’s Best 10K is an event to share with family and friends. If you don’t run or walk the route you can participate by encouraging those who participate.

Spectators are welcome in the vicinity of the route, except for the section of the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge. Everyone will be able to use the free transportation provided by the WB10K from the University of the Urban Train station.

To encourage your family or friends it is allowed to carry signs, pennants or other materials, but you must be considered and collect the area and dump all the waste in a zafacón. Under no circumstances is it allowed to invade the area of the route, this can cause accidents among participants who run or walk.


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