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The first race over the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge was held on February 23, 1998 and celebrated the bridge’s 4th anniversary. Since the beginning the race was intended to be a special event, not just a simple race. The close cooperation among business, government, community, news media and the sports world that began during that inaugural year has converted the race into one of the most important sporting events on the island.

By today’s standards, that first race over the bridge was a modest affair.  Yet it attracted 1,215 participants and a large and enthusiastic crowd that cheered for the winners Jacinto Rodriguez and Sandra Arroyo – and for all the happy runners that completed the race. Although 70 giant flags were unfurled for the fist time, there were no wind barriers yet in place, no special technology – just a thousand or so runners and their friends and families enjoying a healthy Sunday evening walking and running back and forth over the San José Lagoon on the spectacular new bridge –it was a beautiful start for what would become known as the World’s Best 10K.

The event evolved from a local race to international attracting participants from all over the world, professionals and amateurs. Among those professional athletes was Paula Radcliffe, whom in 2003 set a new world record for 10 kilometers when she crossed the finish line in 30:21.  Although the World’s Best 10K, is a young race, it has left its mark on the sporting world specially when recognized as one of the best races in the world by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF).  The World's Best 10K has received an IAAF Gold Label since 2008 and has already been certified as such until 2016. The award that recognizes the efforts employed over the years to build the race into one of the world’s leading road races, and it is a significant symbol to runners looking to compete in the best road racing events around the world. Gold labels were awarded to races that complied strict criteria set by IAAF. They assured the highest standards in competitiveness, international exposure and race management. 

The World's Best 10K is no longer just a race, it has become an entire weekend of events for all participants to enjoy with family and friends.  Among the different weekend activities are: the Fitness Festival, Duathlon, Scotiabank Kids Mini Race and more.



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